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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

The Hilton Tokyo Bay meets and exceeds Japan's strict fire code requirements and has taken every precaution to protect you. In the unlikely event of a hotel fire, you should follow these instructions.
Please take a few moments to read and understand them:

Smoking: for your safety and that of other guests, please refrain from smoking in bed.

Upon Check-in: locate the nearest Fire Exit on your floor, and familiarize yourself with the emergency exit plan posted on the inside of your guest room door.

In case of fire: press the emergency phone button and advise the operator of the fire and its location. An emergency telephone is located by the fire hydrant in the corridor and automatically connects to the Fire Prevention Centre. Do not attempt to fight a large fire, and use the fire extinguishers for small fires only. In the event of an evacuaion, exit the building, remaining calm. Walk, don’t run, and never use the elevators to evacuate the building. The alarm system operates throughout the hotel with audible warnings. If you are aurally handicapped, please notify Reception on arrival, so that we may be aware of your special needs in the event of an emergency. The emergency broadcasting system is installed in your television. In the event of an emergency, the television will automatically switch itself on and emit a beeping sound, whilst displaying a message on screen.

If the alarm sounds: using your hands, test the guestroom door for heat before opening. If the door is hot, do not open, as the fire may be close by. Check the hallway for smoke. If there is little or no smoke, head for the nearest emergency exit, staying close to the wall. If the stairwell is free of heavy smoke, enter and make your way to the ground floor and exit the building.

If you are unable to leave your room: call the operator (dial 9), and advise your location. Turn off the air conditioning to prevent smoke from being forced into your room. Use wet towels or sheets to block the gap under the door and prevent smoke entering the room.Fill the bath tub with water and wet your clothes, towels and sheets to prevent burning. Remember to stay calm - help is on the way.

If there is an earthquake: Hilton Tokyo Bay has been designed to withstand earthquake tremors. When an earthquake occurs, do not panic. Keep away from the windows, extinguish cigarettes, keep your door open, and seek shelter underneath the desk, bed or table to prevent injury from falling objects. Familiarise yourself with the nearest emergency exit, (posted on the inside of your guest room door). Never use the elevators to exit the building.

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